How exciting, your reading my first blog post!

Thanks for joining me! I initially wanted to start this blog to support my Young living business, it’s my passion … I truly LOVE everything the company stands for. It’s helped me grow into woman that I am today. I will touch on all of that later, but like I said that was the “why” when this all came to life…. but I also feel compelled to share with you, share recipes & stories, share motivation & sorrow. Share all my oily hacks & knowledge…. a little bit of everything!

The breakdown

Well let me not me rude…. HELLO!

, my name is Ashley, I’m 30 with 4 beautiful children. I share a life with a wonderful soul who has influenced & motivated so much of this beautiful journey.

My mother & father spilt up when i was a teenager. I was raised by one hell of a woman (mom ) whom I’m lucky enough to live down the street from, in the small village i grew up in. I have 2 older half brothers & a younger Step sister. All of my grandparents passed when i was an adolescent. (my father was adopted I am unaware of my bio grandparents ) .

I recently resigned from a job i loved & held for years in pursuit of my dreams (dreams are something I can’t wait to talk about, DREAM BIG YAWLL) .

I love gemstones & essential oils

I get really loud when I’m excited

I think we all have to be responsible for our own happiness & this is contributing to mine….

Enjoy 😘